Grupo Empresas Transoceanica – Hanga Roa Hotel (Easter Island) Litigation

Relevant cases

Civil and Comercial

Representing The hotel company owned by Transoceanic Companies (Schiess Group) in a conflict of high complexity derived from the taking of the Hotel Hanga Roa, on Easter Island, by a group of people invoking ancestral rights on the lands in which the Hotel. The conflict not only understood legal aspects, but also politicians, given the economic magnitude of the hotel project, the geographical location of the place and the interests of the Government of Chile in relation to the process of territorial vindication of the Island that for years had embarked on Rapa Nui ethnic groups. The case was won in courts, without prejudice to the fact that, in order to facilitate the eviction, an agreement was finally signed between the hotel company, the occupants and the government of Chile.