Dispute resolution

The focus of our work is primarily on four fundamental pillars: excellence, client-oriented service, creativity, and team work. We understand that excellence is the permanent search of new and higher quality standards in our work; client-oriented service is the constant concern of satisfying the needs of our clients and meeting their expectations in an efficient and timely manner, as well as understanding “what our clients want”, to provide them with the solutions they need. Creativity, on its part, is the third pillar of our way of facing each case in particular, and it means the need to study each case with a broad vision, and in 360 degrees, in order to see the multiple aspects that comprise the conflict. Finally, we feel that team work is our hallmark; we believe that the very best solution comes from the analysis provided by all points of view. We are convinced that it is only in this manner that strategies can be successfully designed, coordinated and implemented.

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