We are specialized
litigation attorney;
experts in complex cases.

Vial Larrain Abogados is a litigation group that has been working together for 10 years; initially, as a part of litigation groups of some of the most renowned law firms in the Chilean market. Since 2017, we decided to establish our own boutique firm, solely specializing in highly complex conflict resolution. Its members have not only been counted among some of the best students of their respective graduating classes; they have also received important acknowledgements and accolades; they have taught in some of the country’s leading law schools; and they have demonstrated their solid background in high-level litigation. Above all else, they have come together to establish a united, solid team of professionals with ample collective experience.

This unique group of individuals has been formed under the leadership of the firm’s founding partner, the attorney Jorge Vial; who, after having been partner in charge of the litigation practice area for large, prestigious law firms, decidedly established the boutique law firm Vial Larrain Abogados, along with the prominent litigating attorney Maria Jose Larrain. Both founding partners have earned the respect and acknowledgement of their peers, not only for their achievements and individual merit, but also for having come together to form one of the most formidable teams of litigators; their vast experience including some of the most important foreign and domestic companies in high-profile cases.

In sum, Vial Larrain Abogados is an “exceptional and highly professional group of individuals”, united throughout time by their common vocation to provide our clients with excellence-centered service, employing the very highest ethical standards, with shared values such as merit, diversity, mutual respect, solidarity and inclusivity.